Welcome to our website

Since 1990 the Hibiscus Coast Community House has been providing services in support of local people.

We offer …

  • a venue for meetings and courses at competitive prices on two different sites
  • low cost clothing and household goods through our shop
  • a car seat rental programme
  • Foodbank and other support to local families
  • Breakfast in Schools programme
  • Budget Advisor appointments
  • funding to other community groups
  • a jigsaw lending library
  • a volunteer programme
  • an AED (defibrillator) for medical emergencies

We liaise with Hestia Women’s Refuge, CAB, Steps Forward (previously HBC Family Services), Rodney Adult Mental Health, Age Concern Rodney and other local community groups.


Our Mission Statement

“To connect with our community so people feel valued and supported.”

We are registered with the NZ Charities Commission (click here)
under number CC 11059