Our Team

The Community House is run by a friendly group of mostly local people.

A Governance Board of volunteers is elected each year at our Annual General Meeting. It deals with strategic and governance matters.

The current Governance Board is …

Chairperson: Carol Laidlaw            Treasurer: Phil Lancaster  

Secretary: Edwin Davies                 Volunteer Representative: Maggie Doyle

General Member(s): Claire Teirney

Advisory Member: Laraine Sheffield

The day-to-day operations of the Community House are the responsibility of the staff supported by the volunteers.

Our staff consists of five part time people.

Manager: Christine Alesbury

Office Co-ordinator: Judith Pearce     Shop Co-ordinator: Cathi Cox

Assistant Shop Co-ordinators: Deborah Copeland (am)

                                                     Rini Ross (pm)





Judith                Christine            Tarina         Cathi