Our Team

The Community House is run by a friendly group of mostly local people.

A Governance Board of volunteers is elected each year at our Annual General Meeting. It deals with strategic and governance matters.

The current Governance Board is …

Chairperson: Carol Laidlaw            Treasurer: Phil Lancaster  

Secretary: Edwin Davies                 Volunteer Representative: position vacant

General Member(s): Nick Schofield

Advisory Member: Laraine Sheffield

The day-to-day operations of the Community House are the responsibility of the staff supported by the volunteers.

Our staff consists of five part time people.

Manager: Christine Alesbury

Office Co-ordinator: Judith Pearce     Shop Co-ordinator: Cathi Cox

Assistant Shop Co-ordinator: Deborah Copeland

General Assistant: Frits van den Dobblestein


Judith                Christine            Tarina*         Cathi                   Frits

*Tarina has gone off on her exciting OE and we wish her all the best. She will be greatly missed as she was very popular with staff, volunteers and customers. Her position has been taken by Deb Copeland who worked for Community House years ago as our OSCAR After School Co-ordinator. We welcome Deb back and hope she settles in well.